Somos Esmile

We are Esmile, a graphic design and illustration studio founded in 2011 by Mariana Corrionero and Gastón Vásquez in Mar del Plata, Argentina.

We create brands, illustrations, character design and animations for different platforms, from print and digital media to murals and artistic interventions.

We work closely with big and small clients from all over the world in the arts, culture, entertainment and technology sectors.

In addition to commissioned work we love to create self-initiated projects where we can explore new forms of expression. Exhibitions, objects, murals, installations, are some of the things we love to do and allow us to research tools and resources for future projects.

On the other hand, we also get involved in non-commercial projects that bring significant change to society, especially through non-profit organizations and events. We are always open to participate in this kind of initiatives 🙂

Esmile Studio Stuff Smiley face
Esmile Studio Stuff pyramid shaped character
Esmile Studio Stuff Characters sketches
Esmile Studio Stuff wood triangle with an only eye
Esmile Studio Stuff characters
Esmile Studio Stuff
Esmile Studio Stuff souvenirs
Esmile Studio Stuff Heart on a office chair photo
Esmile Studio Stuff Draw of a mouse playing bass
Esmile Studio Stuff characters sketches
Esmile Studio Stuff
Esmile Studio Stuff

We enjoy to make colorful murals, create objects, travelling and discover new places.